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Why Even Bother…What’s To Be Gained?

Jeb Freakin’ Bush? Really?? Really???

The 2016 Presidential Campaign is beginning to take visible shape and I am very seriously considering dropping out of the fun and excitement. What’s the point, after all? The debates are “fixed” so never again will a “Ross Perot” type invade the sanctity of the Democrap/Repugnican chosen idols’ showoff stage.

When I heard Mitt was considering another run…c’mon, gimme a break. Then, Barbara Bush recanting her “the country doesn’t need another Bush” statement. Oh God.

Bitter? Fed up? Convinced it’s all a set-up? Yes, I am. It’s taken me 67 years, but I’m ready to either join the Greenertarian Party or just drop out, knowing my energy, money, wants, needs, and opinions don’t amount to a hill o’ beans within the ranks of the “chosen” ones.

Our freedoms are being decimated by a wanna-control-it-all federal train wreck and I feel helpless to do anything to stop it. And it’s not just the unlover of America currently in the White House, not only those Democrats…the whole system is stacked against “Joe the Plumber”—and I feel I can only throw up my hands in despair.

Well, at least I can spew on an Internet blog…until the Freakin Communism Consorsium votes to take that freedom away tomorrow.


One comment on “Why Even Bother…What’s To Be Gained?

  1. We are a country of 380 million people, and yet our fate rests in the hands of less than 600. They have indeed lost their way and I’m as fed up as you are. Great post!


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