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I’m Really Enjoying this Retirement Gig

It has been about eight months since I fully retired. Well, not “fully” actually. I still do occasional proofreading for a couple companies, but not very much, that’s for sure. It is enough to help keep this old mind sharp and bring in a few bucks now and then, though.

I’ve found there are a number of things to keep a guy busy. I’ve also found these things keep a guy busy because he can allow the time to do a particular task to expand to any amount of time he feels is necessary. How cool is that? I hear those moans out there. But let’s remember, I put over 50 years into the working life…don’t I deserve some special considerations during this “twilight” time?

Fortunately, I’ve found my special bond with my faithful companion, Abby…a four-year-old black as the ace of spades golden-doodle dog…is something I truly enjoy. Yes, I have conversations with her during each day while my wife is slaving at her full-time job, otherwise I believe I’d go whacko talking only to myself! After I say something truly amazing, or goofy, I love the way she looks at me and cocks her head at a 45 degree angle, as if to say, “are you nuts?”.


At times, Abby just seems to be thinking, “WTF?

Now, Abby and I are making plans to do something special once in a while as soon as the weather breaks.

Thirty-plus years ago, while my two sons were less than teenagers, we really enjoyed camping—first with a tent, then with a pop-up camper/trailer—from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, we made a special vacation journey every summer.


At the foot of the Maroon Bells mountain peaks near Aspen, Colorado, circa 1980. No, we didn’t climb them, but it was a fantastic trip! 

Now, with this retired time on my hands, I am being pulled back into an occasional time available for camping again. Actually, I believe it will be fantastic, from a timing point of view. My wife works full time from Monday through Friday, so why not camp a bit over those weekdays when the campgrounds are the least busy? Perfect!

So, my emergency Bug-Out Kit is being converted into a camping supply kit, quite easily actually. In fact, these camp outings will be terrific times to put those bug-out plans to the test. I’ve always thought, if the SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan) I’d head north. That’s why I always keep at least a half tank of gasoline in the tank of my truck; I can always get to my son’s place near Traverse City on that much gas. Now, following his recommendation, I’m looking at camping in northeast Michigan, on the shores of Lake Huron, hoping to find it beautiful yet less crowded than the “Gold Coast” of west Michigan.

So yeah, I am enjoying this retired lifestyle that enables me to do things I would have never even briefly considered while working. Stay tuned…camping reports are forthcoming!

One comment on “I’m Really Enjoying this Retirement Gig

  1. Fantastic post! Who is that goofball kid in that cowboy hat?!?!?! Let me begin by saying thanks – your 50+ years of working a job (and at times more than one) is more appreciated than you will ever know. To say that you have earned this joy of retirement is the mother of all understatements. I’m thrilled to hear of your desire to again pursue the serenity of a good campsite and I can’t wait to hear about your adventures!


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