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Signs of Those So-Called Good Old Days Along The Mother Road

Route 66 is sometimes referred to as The Mother Road because of the new terms and names she gave birth to along the way. Things like “drive-in, highway, rest stop, motel, and fast food”. She really was a trail-blazer for a new post-world war generation yearning for room to grow and to put the hellish memories of war behind them. As a baby boomer myself,  it was good to see some “leftovers” of the things that shaped our generation.

Did these photos, mostly from Tucumcari N.M., bring back memories? They sure did for me. My dear Aunt Mary saying “those rooms are refrigerated! You’re cool no matter what the temperature outside!” People like her, people who had grown up without “the good things” of life we’re finally beginning to get just a taste. God bless ‘em.


Speaking of Tucumcari, here’s Tucumcari Mountain, a landmark western-headed travelers used to guide them west for many years.

My journey along the Mother Road to be continued soon……

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7 comments on “Signs of Those So-Called Good Old Days Along The Mother Road

  1. Nancy Hughes says:

    Love the pictures!


  2. Linda says:

    Glad you are having fun. I’m guessing you’re about 1/2 way through your adventure.


    1. More actually. We’re in Joplin MO. Probably be home Mon or Tues.


  3. Gloria Mazarka says:

    Looks like the “good old days”. Be safe out there.


  4. Roger Stewart says:

    Hey Paul,
    Did you travel thru Tulsa on the Mother Road?


    1. Oh crap…I really blew it didn’t I Rog. I went through Tulsa Wednesday.


    2. I bet that Tom Gordon busted me, right?


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